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In Case of Emergency, Break Glass

February 18, 2007

In Case of Emergency is a blog dedicated to exploring public health preparedness efforts in the US.

The author has recently begun working in a position that will give him a front row seat to these efforts. He writes this blog in order to pontificate on those issues that present themselves in the media, in the blogs, and in his work. Through this effort, perhaps we can all learn a bit more about what works, what doesn’t work, where we are strong and where we need more effort.

This blog will not be prolific. Checking this website will usually be a fruitless activity, so readers, should there be any, are directed to subscribe to this blog as a feed. You can do this by clicking the blue button labeled “X Readers – by Feedburner” to the right, or by clicking the link labeled “Subscribe to In Case of Emergency by Email.” The resulting page will give you instructions as to how to proceed. The main benefit of subscribing to the feed is that you’ll be updated to a new post without having to periodically check the website. As a reader, I recommend Google Reader.

Finally, if you do stop by, please be sure to say hi. Readers can comment on any post; and are free to email me at the address to the right.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you.


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