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Growing and Learning

February 27, 2007

I’ve added some new pages to In Case of Emergency as you can see above.

Two One of these pages, About and Sitemap, are for you, the reader. About is little more than my first, introductory, post, which will soon scroll away and be impossible to find. The Sitemap page serves as a road map to all of the topics that I’ve posted on.

The other three two new pages, Blogroll, Definitions and Resources and Links, are there for both of us. As someone who is new to this field, it only makes sense that I collect and catalog those resources, blogs and definitions that help me to learn more about preparedness, emergency management and bioterrorism. This information is public so as to help grow the field and help future students of public health preparedness.

I encourage you all to stop by and check these resources out from time to time, as each exists as a living document growing and bending along with current events, my interests, and my career.

As always, please feel free to email me anything you feel might fit into one of these pages. Please see each individual page for more information.

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