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In Memoriam

June 20, 2007

firemen Celeste Monforton of The Pump Handle posted a short memorial of the 9 Charleston, South Carolina firefighters who lost their lives earlier this week battling a blaze. This was the largest loss of firefighters in a single event since 9/11. It’s just dumbfounding to read about, let alone have it happen in your own backyard.

After my recent experience with Philly Fire and other regional Fire Departments, I can’t imagine what it must do to a community. I extend my heart and condolences to the city of Charleston, South Carolina. You have lost something that is irreplaceable. To the firefighters and families of the fallen, I have no words. Please understand that we mourn with you. Here is some information about the Memorial Fund established and the IAFF’s release.

This seems like a good opportunity to pass along a link to the First Response Coalition and their ongoing drive to have September 25th be declared First Responder Appreciation Day. Unfortunately, those nine brave souls will not feel the warmth of such a celebration, but go with the sincere thanks of millions of Americans.

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