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A Hypocrite, No More

July 20, 2007

601687741_ff3d58b0e5After all of this blather about how social media can save the world, and why won’t emergency management folks, public health folks, preparedness folks and other response groups grab the bull by the horns and use social media – I finally signed up. Following is some information on the services that I’m now signed up for and how you can be-friend me. I look forward to seeing you all off-blog.


Facebook is a social networking website that allows one to connect with other registered users. You can add “friends” individually, or through groups and networks which allows you to discover new “friends.” Being someone’s friend allows you to see their profile, send them messages and find out what’s going on in their lives. As of today, Facebook is the preeminent social networking site and is growing by leaps and bounds. Facebook is most regularly compared to MySpace, but seems to attract an older user, and is thus also comparable to the networking site LinkedIn.

You can register for Facebook here using your name, a valid email address and birth date. When you do register, please be sure to add me as a friend by searching for Jimmy Jazz in the search box on the left of the screen (I’m the one with the London Calling album cover for a picture). For those already on Facebook, you can add me here.


Twitter has been called a micro-blogging platform. Basically, it’s a website that members can post to in order to let their friends, family, or the world know what’s going on in their lives – much like this site allows me to do. The only difference is that the posts on Twitter must be 140 characters or less (hence the micro in micro-blogging). This character limit is imposed because users can send and receive tweets (that’s the ridiculous name they’ve given to posts on the website) on their SMS-enabled cell phones. I think that this type of utility could be amazingly useful for giving updates to folks about a developing disaster or emergency. For personal use, I haven’t seen the light yet; but, I’m giving it a try.

You can register for Twitter here using just a valid email address. Should you register, please be sure to add me as a friend, which you can do by heading here and clicking Add jimmyjaz (notice only one “z”) in the middle of the right-hand navigation bar.

Those of you visiting the website (as opposed to my super wonderful feed readers) will notice I’ve added Facebook and Twitter icons to my right bar. You can reach my profile and Twitterpage from these links.

Photo credit: trixi

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  1. July 20, 2007 2:05 pm

    We’re headed down parallel tracks, my friend…

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