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On This Day

September 11, 2007

This is my first 9/11 as a real blogger, so I suppose I should say something.

I remember that day like it was yesterday.

I didn’t know anyone in the air, in the Towers or at the Pentagon.

That day is a constant presence in my work.

When I write, “In the event of…,” I reference that day.

I hope that what I do will help alleviate the suffering should something like that happen here.

I lie awake at night worried – not about another 9/11, but about the next day.

I worry about my family.

It makes me work harder.

It makes me disgusted when I see folks at the federal, state and city levels who work in emergency preparedness and response concerned only about personalities and hoarding power.

It makes me spit vitriol when I see ongoing DHS/FEMA/FDA/CDC screw-ups.

It makes me work harder.

That day.


No picture today.  Head here for a slideshow currently being held at the New York Historical Society (very powerful – be forewarned).  Or head here for a digital exhibit on the WTC attack at the New York State Museum in Albany.

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