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The Dreaded One-Liner Post

September 26, 2007

922680727_ad8933fdd0 Did you ever have so much to do that your to do list screams, “You’ll never make a dent in all this, so why even start?” Well, my “to blog” list did that to me earlier this week. There is so much going on that I’m just going to declare blog bankruptcy and just pass links along to you with some pithy comment attached. Then I’ll be back to square one and can blog productively – or so the theory goes.

The Great North American Pan Flu Plan – indictment by Revere; in-depth review by John Bowen.

The draft National Response Framework has been released for public comment. Hat tip to On the Homefront. Special interest: the ESF-8 (Public Health and Medical Services) annex (pdf) and the Biological Incident annex (pdf).

Still a poor place to work: Texas BSL-3 labs.

The Trust for America’s Health continues to slam public health preparedness efforts – this time in NYC; thanks John!

CIDRAP has pulled together a collection of 130 “promising practices” regarding pandemic influenza planning. I’ll put the direct link in Resources, and hopefully get a chance to peruse the offerings soon.

Boston successfully completed their simulated postal distribution of antibiotics exercise this past Sunday, and by all accounts, the exercise was a smashing success. They managed to deliver 26,000 boxes of simulated medication in less than six hours! Kudos to Boston Health on their great work.

And now back to the in-depth commentary that you’re used to. Expect posts on XDR-TB and pan flu online shortly.

Photo credit: Jeremy Doucette

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