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February 11, 2008

Wow, look at that, I do have a blog.

Sorry about the absence, folks. Work and life have been crazy, and well, you guys are a solid number three on that list.

I wanted to pass along some goodies I’ve come across lately, and let you in on a little secret.

First, the secret. I’m (back) in school! This is good for you because I’ll find out about all of the latest best research that lives and thrives behind the pay-wall – and pinkie swear I’ll let you know about it. Expect more BPR posts in the future. My classes this term include Epidemiology and Health Communication. My Health Comm paper will be on crisis communication, so expect more of a focus on that in the next few months.

And now the goodies.

Upcoming conference in Atlanta: Public Health Preparedness, put together by NACCHO. If anybody makes it and wouldn’t mind hitting me with the latest and greatest, I’ll happily pass it along to your fellow readers. Just shoot me an email!

I finally found Eric Holdeman’s new blog. Eric used to have a great page when he worked with King County, Washington, and I was sad to see that he stopped updating. I encourage everyone to stop by the Disaster Zone blog to see what he’s been up to.

Now, about going forward. Because I fully expect the craziness to continue, posting will probably stay a bit light. Hopefully not as devoid as the last month, though.

Image stolen.

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