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Quickly Noted: CDC Public Health Preparedness Report Released

February 21, 2008

CDCThe CDC released a report, Public Health Preparedness: Mobilizing State by State (warning: HUGE pdf, can also be downloaded from this page), a couple of days ago.  This hefty document is intended to report on the status and outcomes of the Public Health Preparedness Cooperative Agreement that has funded much of the public health preparedness work that has been done across the country in the last few years.

Now, I got a chance to quickly scan this document a few days ago, and was really very impressed with it.  Now, I know that it’s a report touting the successes of my field, so I’m probably biased, but I think that it functions as a nice counter-argument, no, supporting document to last year’s Trust for America’s Health Ready or Not 2007 report, which I reviewed here.  They touch on a lot of the same issues, note that work still needs to be done and that things today are much, much better than they were just a few years ago.

I’m going to organize my thoughts this weekend on this report, and hope to have a more in depth review up early next week.  I do, however, encourage folks to take a look at the report, as the meat of it is really only 25 pages long; the rest of the report is comprised of state-by-state in depth stories and accomplishments.  Those state blurbs are pretty cool, though, as they show instances of how the Cooperative Agreement funding was used to support public health in each state (that’s right, 50+ bona fide success stories).

So, hang on for a bit longer and I’ll boil everything down and give you my reactions.

Image credit: CDC promo

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