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Emergency Risk Communication

February 25, 2008

Highway Patrol Press ConferenceIn one of my classes this term, I’m writing a paper on the relatively new field of Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication (CERC).  After the 2001 anthrax mail attacks, CDC evaluated their communication strategies, and found them lacking.  So, they started to work towards a new theory of communication to be used in public health crises – and voila, CERC was born.

Some of the top thinkers in this field are Peter Sandman, Vincent Covello, Barbara Reynolds and Matthew Seeger.  Now, Ms. Reynolds works out of the CDC, and has developed a number of top notch materials for CERC training, including a crisis communication CDCynergy CD-ROM.  I haven’t had the chance to review this CD yet, but I’ve heard that it (and Ms. Reynolds trainings in general) are supposed to be phenomenal.

The Public Health Foundation sells this CD-ROM for about $27.00 here, but I can do better.  It turns out that the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Eduction (ORISE) has moved the CD-ROM online!  Being that we all paid (those of us who pay taxes anyway) for this CD to be developed, it makes no sense that we should have to pay again to view it – especially when the only folks who will be interested are those who will be called on to communicate in a crisis, potentially saving lives.  So, I give you my gift for the week: the Emergency Risk Communication CDCynergy CD-ROM, for free, online.  You can access it here.

Photo credit: Snowesq

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