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Quickly Noted: Selling Out, or Taking Care of Business

May 18, 2008

I’ve been talking with a few people, both at my work and around the blogosphere, about this blog, my anonymity, liability and culpability. Every new visitor to this blog is another person who could figure out who I am and misinterpret my posts as official company statements.

As you can imagine, this is something my employer would rather avoid, and thus, in the interest of my career, something I’d rather avoid as well. At the urging of some of the smartest voices in the blogosphere, I raised the subject with my bosses and they’ve promised to try to help me figure out the best way to proceed while giving everyone involved ample protection. Protection from this kind of thing. After that debacle, companies began writing blogging policies. Until something similar happens at my job–some clarification on the rules–I’m going to be adding a new “feature” to the blog. Way up there next to my beloved Stickers link, you’ll notice a link to a Disclaimer page. I know, not very “rage against the machine”–call me a sell-out–but I’ve got a career to worry about, and a responsibility to my employer.

What does all of this mean? Well, if you think that I speak for anyone other than Jimmy Jazz, you are sorely mistaken, and I encourage you to visit my Disclaimer page.

Photo credit: nyghtowl

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