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Coming Clean

July 3, 2008

I wasn’t going to post on the Fourth, take some time for the family and all, but I kind of got swept up in the patriotism and hoopla that accompanies the holiday (especially here in Philadelphia), and wanted to set something straight.

I know that I can be pretty harsh on the folks down in Atlanta and Washington. I call out the CDC, DHS, FEMA, the White House, Congress and just about everyone else that’s got something to do with public health preparedness regularly. I know that folks from those places are probably not that enamored with me and all of my negativity.

And I should apologize for that–I’m not a negative person, and I don’t dislike you guys at the federal level. For the most part, I think you guys and gals do a great job.

It’s just … some offices call it tough love. In my office, its just SOP. We regularly work together on all types of projects, and when something gets written, it gets torn apart and reassembled better. Everything that comes out of our office has input from everyone. That way we make sure that all of our bases are covered, that every angle has been considered.

And we criticize. We point out flaws in thinking and challenge each other to get better. And we do.

I take the same tack when I talk about the folks making the big decisions. I think they could do a better job. I think they should do a better job; because every decision they make affects the lives and livelihoods of dozens, scores, hundreds, thousands of people. I want them to do a better job, not because they’re necessarily doing a poor job, but because they need to do the best job. Because we’re counting on them. If I were in their position, I would expect no less.

To my readers who think I’m unnecessarily harsh on our federal friends, please understand that I do it with the utmost compassion and concern.

To my readers who think I’m on point with these criticisms, know that they need some love, too.

So, on this Independence Day, I encourage everyone to hug a DHS agent. 🙂

Have a great weekend, enjoy some apple pie, and have a safe Fourth.

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