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Quickly Noted: Infamy!

November 1, 2008

Well, apparently, I’ve been called out.

The time-honored blog tradition of “top-50 lists” and “good resource” posts has finally hit the homeland security blogging world, and the two most recent that I’ve seen have a blog on there that leads me to question  the value of the post.

I’m on both.

The first I found via Eric Holdeman’s blog, Disaster Zone, and via email from the author. Listing the top 50 homeland security blogs, Ms. Miller writes:

While homeland security isn’t the same buzzword is was several years ago, it is still an important element and oft-discussed topic of American politics. From immigration laws to cyber-security to emergency preparedness to foreign policy, these blogs will bring you the latest discussions and research taking place with homeland security experts and novices alike. These blogs represent the government, researchers, professionals in the field, and every-day citizens and their offerings on the ever-evolving and important topic of homeland security.

You’ll notice me waaaay down the bottom.

The second notice I found of myself is from Gerald Baron’s Crisisblogger. The author, Jim, writes about me:

In Case of Emergency: Interesting emergency management / preparedness blog with very different types of posts than others. Not updated recently, but updates seem to go in spurts.

So, in order to combat the stain upon my character, I promise a post a day, for at least one day (and depending on how tomorrow goes, this might end up being the post of the day).

Thank you to both Ms. Miller and Jim for mentioning me on your blogs, the check’s in the mail. Oh, and to everyone else? I just updated my feed reader with all of the linked blogs–there is some great stuff there, so please click through and check out the best of the web.

Photo credit: stolen, cause it’s too damn late

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