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Quickly Noted: Public Health Preparedness Summit 2009

February 17, 2009

php I’m currently winging over the Mississippi on my way to the 2009 Public Health Preparedness Summit in sunny San Diego (jealous, no?). I’m totally stoked about going. I’ve got a full docket, and that’s even before I start meeting all of my friends and coworkers. (Drinks, anyone?)

I’ve also got a full pack of stickers that I’ll try to drop surreptitiously around the Summit. If you’re at the Summit and find one, be sure to drop me a line (virtual high-five!). If you’re not here, I’ll do my best to post on some of the better sessions I attend and posters I see.

And remember, if you see a tall/short, skinny/not-so-skinny, guy/girl, good-looking/kind-of-homely person who looks like they call themselves Jimmy Jazz, say hi! I’ll deny it, and look at you incredulously, but hey that’s part of the fun!

Image credit: NACCHO


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