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Quickly Noted: Happy Blogiversary To Me!

March 22, 2009

Well, not exactly. I’ve been blogging here for about 25 months. My actual blogiversary is February 19th, which means that I’ve been blogging for 762 days. During that time, I’ve posted 200 times (including this post). Which means that I post every three or four days, which I’m satisfied with.

The fact that I’ve been able to keep this up for 2+ years is amazing to me. That I was able to find something to post about 200 times is incredible. That I’ve been able to do that with only five people (that I know of) knowing who I am is — well, more than I could have asked for.

But enough about me. I wanted to take this opportunity to say, “Wow, you guys are great.”

Seriously, sometimes I see the huge numbers of people stopping by to read what I write and I think you all must be coming to watch the train wreck.

But then I get emails and comments from people who are the leaders in this field. People who I know from watching webinars of national importance, or because  I see their names in the New York Times. To each of you, I’ve learned so much, thank you.

And then there’s the rest of you. The folks who stop by repeatedly, or only once in a while, or just once. You all are such an ego boost. I started this blog so I could learn about the field of public health preparedness, and I’ve found that if I didn’t have all of you making sure that I read that article, or HUGE report, or even just developed an idea that I had, I never would have done it. I would’ve felt like I let you all down. So thank you for keeping me honest and engaged. Though I do wish you’d drop me a line, shoot me an email, or just comment. I’d love to know what I could do better, or should look at, or what I’m just plain wrong about.

Thank you all for your support and your help and for doing the great work that you do, and for being interested in this field.

Photo credit: luvtequila2005

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