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Quickly Noted: Pandemic Influenza Videos

March 24, 2009

tworivers In light of my recent post, I want to give props where due. Some of my long-time readers know that I’m a huge fan of social media, and think that it’s something that can be utilized extensively and effectively in public health in general and preparedness in particular.

I saw a post by one of the more prolific flu-bies, Michael Coston of Avian Flu Diary, about a couple of avian flu videos posted to YouTube by the Two Rivers Public Health Department in Nebraska. They give some good background on influenza (dual-use!), then get into the bird flu.

My take? BRA-VO! The videos can be a bit long and dry, but the most important point is that the information is now available, just like it was two years ago. There is no need to distribute DVD’s, or hold showings, or distribute fact sheets. All someone has to do is go to YouTube, look for pandemic videos, and sees that Two Rivers PHD is giving sound public health information.

Video 1:


Video 2:

Image credit: Two Rivers Public Health Department

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  1. March 26, 2009 1:45 am

    Nice vid.. thanks for sharing..

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