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links for 2009-11-18

November 18, 2009

  • Quick little document about what goes on in search engines.

    The /really/ interesting part to me is a bullet in the Key Findings section that shows 77% of social media listings found in searches of the top 1,000 brands are not controlled by those brands. These are brands that put millions of dollars a year into their PR efforts, and still three out of every four mentions in social media were made by someone else.

    The last time you had to respond to some emergency, what were 75% of the people saying about you? Do you have millions of dollars to pour out to make sure they're saying the right things about you?

    Mmm hmm.

  • Really a great article by one of the premiere health reporters in the world about the H1N1 deaths and how we might not know the full effect of the pandemic for years. I highly recommend this reading.
    (tags: h1n1 pandemic)
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