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Quickly Noted: PHP Summit Going Social

December 14, 2009

I’ve been passing along information about the Public Health Preparedness Summit run by the swell folks at NACCHO for a bit now. Like when the agenda got posted, etc.

And, if you remember, I attended last year’s Summit in San Diego and had a really great time. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend this year (thank you, Wall Street, for wrecking the economy). Luckily, though, the organizers have put a lot of effort into developing social media tools to give everyone who can’t be there a peek into the happenings.

If you’re like me, hamstrung by budget cuts yet still interested in hearing about all of the best practices being presented at the Summit, make sure to subscribe to the Summit’s blog, SummitUp 2010, and Twitter account, @PHPSummit.

And if you can make it, please do establish your own blog, comment on the PHP Summit’s blog, or otherwise let us know your thoughts (email me and I’ll be happy to set up a guest post for you). What were the best sessions and why? Meet anyone you were really impressed with? How’s Atlanta (I’ve only ever been to a conference there at the end of August, which is no fun, I can tell you)?

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