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CDC PHIRE, Wherefore Art Thou!?

January 6, 2010

A couple years ago I wrote a post that garnered my only negative feedback. That was the only time anyone “yelled” at me on this blog. I was writing about a mass communication tool called CDC PHIRE (Public Health Information Rapid Exchange) and was kind of confused about why it was being developed. The stated goal, at the time I originally posted on it, was:

PHIRE, the CDC Public Health Information Rapid Exchange, is a system that sends important real-time health information to select subscribers based on their preferences. For example, the system enables CDC to rapidly disseminate alerts about evidence of suspected pandemic influenza in the United States.

About a month later, I wrote a follow up that built on comments from a CDC blog that questioned the effort stridently. I was even more confused by the technology and did my best imitation of lambasting (and that’s when I got yelled at).

Well, it’s time for a follow up on that follow up.

First a little background, in case you haven’t been paying attention. We had a pandemic, with cases in my neighborhood! Even in my house!

But I got nary a PHIRE alert. Not at the beginning, middle, or today. I diligently signed up, if you remember, because I wanted to know what was going on. Didn’t get anything, though.

Today I did a bit of investigating to see where this million dollar program stood. And I couldn’t find it. Not on CDC’s site (broken link to Not on Google (in fact I’m the preeminent authority on this tool, apparently). Nowhere.

Can I add prescient to my resume?


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