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Quickly Noted: Homeland Security Funding

February 26, 2010

Yesterday I received my copy of Emergency Management Magazine. (As usual, it was full of good stuff.) One article in particular stuck out to me, having to do with the changes in homeland security grant application amounts. The article, Funding Winners and Losers for 2010, separates the funding amounts for 18 DHS grant programs and by showing the increases and decreases, both in absolute dollars and percentages, crowns winners and losers.

The big winners?

  • Urban Areas Security Initiative, up $33.9M (up 4%)
  • Emergency Operations Center Grant Program, up $23.6M (up 69%)
  • Emergency Management Performance Grants, up $23.8M (up 8%)
  • Tribal Homeland Security Grant Program, up $8.3M (up 502%)

The big losers?

  • Port Security Grant Program, down $100.6M (down 26%)
  • Intercity Passenger Rail (Amtrak), down $5M (down 20%)
  • Trucking Security Program, down $2.2M (down 100%)
  • Citizen Corps Program, down $2.1M (down 14%)

Yep, Citizen Corps got cut. CERT and MRC are the two programs I’m most familiar with, and the biggest booster of. Mostly because I think they contribute to the idea of resilience (whatever that is) and empowering the public.

On the flipside, it looks like DHS is focusing more on regional and large area preparedness grants (UASI, THSGP, and Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Grant Program). The article also notes that DHS is allowing local jurisdictions to use these funds for ongoing maintenance contracts, warranties, repairs and replacements, upgrades and user fees for previously purchased equipment. That little nugget goes a long way toward developing this idea of ongoing support for projects and purchases, as opposed to being forced to use grant funds for new equipment only.

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