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Quickly Noted: Whither H1N1 (Please!)

March 30, 2010

So, it’s great now that H1N1 is gone.

Except that it’s not.

Folks who participated in yesterday’s call with the CDC’s Dr. Schuchat learned about a scary spike in hospitalized cases in the Southeastern US, specifically Georgia. Apparently, these hospitalized cases resemble those we saw in the fall, in that they’ve got other medical problems that seemed to exacerbate the flu infection. CDC says that the flu virus isolated in these cases is definitely the pandemic strain of H1N1, and not significantly different than what was seen last year, so there are questions about the resurgence. Is it the start of the third wave? (You’ll remember that the fall wave started to get press attention when southeastern US colleges and  universities began reporting clusters of illness in late August/early September) Is the vaccine failing? Revere said this based upon the call:

Perhaps it’s because Georgia citizens have less herd immunity than elsewhere, a not too thinly veiled suggestion by CDC’s Dr. Anne Schuchat on the conference call.

You’ll also remember that what was then called swine-origin influenza virus (H1N1) was causing a ton of worry down in Mexico right about this time last year.

Stay tuned, this bears keeping an eye out.

Revere, from Effect Measure, posted here.

Heidi Splete, of Elsevier Global Medical News, also wrote an article on the rise in cases.

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