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Quickly Noted: Your Friendly Neighborhood EIS Officer

April 7, 2010

The CDC has an apparently not very well known program called the Epidemic Intelligence Service. Their job is to be the shock troops of epidemiology. When an outbreak occurs, the CDC sends them – around the globe – to investigate and find out the cause and recommend the cure. I’ve known a few EIS officers and each to be consummate professionals, and genuinely nice people to boot. So I was pleased to see this great write up in the New York Times the other day reviewing Mark Pendergrast’s new book, “Inside the Outbreaks.” Mr. Pendergrast interviewed 500 EIS past and present officers about the service and detailed their responses throughout the years. It’s an interesting article, and has landed Mr. Pendergrast’s book my wishlist.

One more thing: Maryn McKenna, author extraordinaire, noted on Twitter yesterday that she’s also written about EIS  in her book, “Beating Back the Devil.” Looks like I’ve got lots of summer reading this year.

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