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Quickly Noted: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About FEMA, But Were Afraid to Ask

April 15, 2010

No seriously, everything.

There’s a gentleman, William R. Cumming, who comments and contributes faithfully on two of my favorite homeland security/emergency management blogs (Homeland Security Watch and Disaster Zone) with insightful notes rooted in years of experience. Mr. Cumming is the principal at the Vacation Lane Group, which is:

a nonprofit Virginia corporation dedicated to operating in the context of a democratic society to assist in organizing and expanding knowledge of Emergency Management and Homeland Security.

Recently, he’s started his own blog, called The Vacation Lane Blog, and it seems like every day I’m starring his posts in my Google Reader. The posts are very “thick,” and deal with many of the intricacies and history of FEMA and federal emergency management. Don’t let anyone tell you this stuff isn’t in the weeds, but man is it interesting.

Here’s what I’ve currently got starred:

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