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June 29, 2010

A few months back, I made a request of you all about a website that I had come across about public health emergencies,

Does anyone know anything about Or is this the proverbial rabbit hole, and now I’m going to be visited by black helicopters and non-speaking thick-necked goons?

I said that in jest, but figured it was probably a dark site to be ramped up in an emergency. I’m not a huge fan of wholly separate dark sites, but until my suspicions were confirmed (either way) I figured I’d let it go.

Well, today I found out exactly what the site is for. (And no, there were no black helicopters.)

Taken directly from the newly branded (also accessible through is a web portal created by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, this site acts as a portal for residents in the U.S. and worldwide to obtain information from all U.S. federal agencies involved in a public health emergency, a medical disaster or the public health aspects of a natural or man-made disaster.

The site is maintained by the wonderful folks at ASPR (just as I suspected) and was developed to satisfy the public information component of PAHPA.

It looks like it’s the home base for ESAR-VHP, NDMS, the ASPR playbooks as well as acting as a clearinghouse for emergency public health communications. Apparently, the page will default to the red “Emergency” tab at the top of the page when there is a public health emergency, and that will act as the proverbial one-stop shop for information. As such, it’s a dark site with a white site layered on top.

This is the first I’d heard of this page going live, and Google News didn’t give any indication that it was live. I searched for “” and “”

If anyone has anymore information on this site, please do forward it to me, I’d love to learn more. Oh, and I hope you’re ready for a deluge of public health preparedness posts, cause I’m going to mine this thoroughly.

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