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Quickly Noted: HPP Grants Awarded

July 8, 2010

I got word earlier today that ASPR has awarded grants to help hospitals and other health care organizations strengthen the medical surge capability. The total amount of grants awarded topped $390 million.

I think we realized during H1N1 that our hospitals need a lot of help, especially in surge situations. Hopefully this money will go a long way toward doing that. According to the press release:

The funds will be used by state and local governments to boost the readiness of hospitals and other healthcare facilities in their jurisdictions by finalizing development or improving:

  • Interoperable communication systems
  • Systems to track available hospital beds
  • Advance registration of volunteer health professionals
  • Processes for hospital evacuations or sheltering-in-place
  • Processes for fatality management
  • Strengthening health care partnerships at the community level
  • Strengthen hospital participation in statewide and regional exercise programs

The big winners?

  • Obviously the four big CRI cities (New York, DC, Chicago and LA County)
  • California ($32M)
  • Texas ($28M)
  • Florida ($22M)
  • Pennsylvania ($15M)

The full press release can be found here.

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