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Quickly Noted: Deepwater Horizon Recovery

August 11, 2010

Interesting thing came across my desk this afternoon about the Deepwater Horizon spill. We’re officially no longer responding, apparently.

So many in our field plan for the response part of the disaster cycle (you’ll remember there are four stages to the cycle, not including the actual event) that we never get around to planning for recovery. What happens when the sirens are turned off, the victims have been transported away, and the news media goes away? I don’t know either, but I’m hoping to learn more about recovery planning very soon. 

It turns out there is one thing that needs to happen, and the Feds are in the process of implementing it: you need a new website.

The Deepwater Horizon JIC website has always been at I was a big fan of that site and recommended it to colleagues in the past. I got an email from DHS today with guidance about changing links from the explicitly “response” website address to a site with a decidedly “recovery”-type address:

(Astute viewers will also notice the subtle change in color, from blue and red with small black text on a white background to blue and green with larger, softer text on a white background.)

Finally, there’s this tidbit that the Crisisblogger would get a kick out of especially with his contention that the idea of a joint private/public JIC is dead:

Under the Recommended URL section:

For your index page we recommend (or if the first name is taken).

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