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Quickly Noted: The Geospatial Revolution Project

September 28, 2010

In the past, I’ve written about how mapping can be used in disaster situations to both gain and maintain situational awareness and to help facilitate the distribution of help. Last week, I got a very interesting email from a young lady at Penn State alerting me to a geospatial project that Penn State Public Broadcastong has released, called The Geospatial Revolution Project. The email is below (copied in whole simply to show off how ridiculous it is to call me Mr. Jazz).

Mr. Jazz:

Geospatial information is more than just a handheld GPS receiver used to navigate personal travel. Digital maps can unite people across the world and even save lives. After last January’s earthquake in Haiti, geographic information systems helped first responders map cities, locate survivors and distribute aid.

Penn State Public Broadcasting has recently released the first episode in a four-part online video series, The Geospatial Revolution Project. The 13-minute episode uses the earthquake in Haiti to highlight how geospatial technology is critical in providing first responders with the information they need to help disaster victims.

Check out the episode at Feel free to embed and share this link as you wish.

So, I checked it out, and was definitely impressed by the quality and content of the first episode. They’ve got plans for three more episodes in the next six months and, personally, I can’t wait to see them. Please do take a few minutes to stop by their website, Twitter, and Facebook page to learn more.

Kudos to everyone involved on creating a really great product on such an important topic.

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