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UPDATE: Below is the background information on the author of this blog. After John Solomon passed away, Jimmy Jazz revealed himself as Jim Garrow, Operations and Logistics Coordinator for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health. In response to the change in authorship and need to move onto new projects, this blog has been closed. Future posts by Jim Garrow can be found at

In Case of Emergency is a blog dedicated to exploring public health preparedness efforts in the US. I write this blog using the pseudonym Jimmy Jazz. I have been working in a position for more than three years that has given me the opportunity to experience all aspects of public health preparedness. I write this blog in order to learn more about what’s going on in the rest of the public health preparedness, homeland security and crisis communications fields. Through this effort, perhaps we can all learn a bit more about what works, what doesn’t work, where we are strong and where we need more effort.

Feel free to explore the site and please don’t hesitate to email me or leave a comment regarding anything you read here or with any questions or concerns you might have. Also, I have stickers available for fans of the blog. Send me an email with your mailing address and I’ll drop a few in the mail for you.

If you’re looking for the community preparedness blog, In Case of Emergency, Read Blog, written by CERT superstar John Solomon, we are, unfortunately, unaffiliated–though I do enjoy some of his misdirected traffic. Please do stop by over there to learn all about his upcoming book.